The answer is yes.  Yes, he’s  "the True Blood guy." This is the title you get when you write an infectious, super catchy song like ‘Bad Things’.  You get a title, that simultaneously hails and denigrates your work.  Like a backhanded compliment.  ‘Bad Things’ was written in 2002, recorded in 2005, and made famous later in 2008, when it premiered as the theme song for Alan Ball’s ‘True Blood’ series on HBO.  And for 80 episodes, an average of 13 million people would hear Jace’s voice sing “I wanna do bad things with you…..” as the title sequence played.   There are plenty of articles and interviews about it on the internet, if that's what you're interested in.   What I’m interested in, is telling you about the Jace you don’t know.  That he’s wildly intelligent, funny, articulate and insightful.  An exceptional father, who set aside his own ambitions, to raise a child.  A college dropout, that made up for his lack of a degree, by reading voraciously and pursuing knowledge of all kinds.  He makes mistakes.  Lots of them.  But unlike most people I’ve known, he apologizes sincerely, pledges to work on his faults, and then actually does. Also, he makes the best cheeseburger you’ve ever had.  

The idea for the Nashville Later podcast first came to us in Jamaica on our honeymoon. Sitting at the bar, having afternoon cocktails while it poured down rain for the third day in a row, we talked about the state of things in the music business.  It’s no secret, for anyone who pays attention to such things, that the internet has changed the artist and royalty landscape to devastating results.  So here we sat, brainstorming.  "How to win and do what you love…."  The answer was simple.  Do them all.  So along with writing and performing music, podcasting was something Jace felt passionate about, as a listener and a host.  He and Dan Cohen already had a podcast called 'Talking in to Microphones' but with Dan and Jace being pulled in different directions and sporadic tour schedules, it was hard to make it weekly or even monthly.  Having worked in entertainment myself for many years, we pooled our ideas, strengths and resources, and then hatched a plan to make a podcast that would be conversational and organic. Jace has such a natural sensibility when speaking with people.  He is great at reading the room, he puts people at ease, and always takes conversations in interesting directions.  So it turns out that a guy from Texas who has failed a lot, succeeded a lot, and lives to tell about it all, makes a great host.  

We hope you enjoy Nashville Later and find that each episode is like hanging with an old friend....the kind you haven't seen in a while, but when you get together, it's like no time has passed.
 - Nicole Hart
Producer of Nashville Later