Friendship Commanders, Christmas Times, and DONATION gifts

Hey People,

Happy Holidays! That's my official declaration of war upon Christmas. Terrifying isn't it? What will sweet baby Jesus do? Ah, 'tis the season for mountains to be made of dung hills. Relax folks. And Merry Christmas.

Anyway, I'm super excited to bring you our last "interview" episode of Nashville Later for 2016. We started this thing in July, and it's been a hoot. A ton of work, a lot of laughs, a few exceptionally tense moments, and a handful of producer-wife/host-husband attic throw downs. It's been a lot like life, really. Tension and release. 

Episode#45 is no different. We've got a husband and wife on as guests. Buick Audra and Jerry Roe. They have a band. Friendship Commanders. They rock very hard. The conversation is fun. Occasionally challenging. And it will make you laugh, shake your head, and hopefully have some thinky thoughts.

Nicole and I will be back later in the week to play some excerpts from our live event we held on 12/8. Turns out the recording didn't quite go as seamlessly as we would have liked. Therefore it's not all "podcastable" (trademark). But there's some tunes, and some goodies we want to share before the holiday break.

Starting something new is always difficult. But with a little grit and a lot of luck this has been a very exciting thing to do.

I wanna express my tremendous gratitude to the folks who have made a donation to the podcast. Any amount is genuinely appreciated. And a few of you have been incredibly generous with your support. So thank you. You may find a little Christmas gift in your email soon. If you haven't made a donation, would like to, and wanna get it on the Christmas present sent to all of our donors for 2016; do it. Any donations made before 12/31 will be receiving a little something nobody else in the world has (yet). DONATE

Thanks to all of you for listening, talking, and being a part of Nashville Later. It means a great deal to both Nicole and me. We are going to take a couple of weeks off, so go through the archives and catch up on some of the conversations you've missed. Theres some gold in there. Maybe some frankincense and myrhh as well!

Happy Holidays!


Jace Everett

Nashville Later LIVE

12/3/2016 9:43 a.m.

Hey people,

Nashville has a Christmas parade? On network TV? When do we all go down to the Cumberland and jump the shark together?

Happy Christmas month. Yeah, it's a month now. Actually, it's a month that's about 6 weeks long.

I would love to use this time to excoriate the commercialization of Christmas by our corporate overlords, and our bovine like capitulation to their oligarchy... but never mind that shit, I've got stuff to promote!

If you're a listener of Nashville Later with Jace Everett, we appreciate you'ins. And to show you our gratitude, we're putting the band back together! On December 8th Nicole and I will be joined by a cavalcade of friends and family who have helped us make this podcast a success. And we want YOU to join us.

We're going to have live music, and lots of it. We're gonna have live conversation, and dig into it. We're even going to have live cartoons being drawn while we do all of this!

First of all, the music:

Our band- Musical Director, Bass, Vocals-Tripper Ryder Keyboards, Vocals- Seth Timbs and Drums- Rob Mitchell

Our Artists- Chris Gantry (w/Jonathan Yudkin), Leigh Nash (w/Stephen Wilson), Emily West (w/ks Rhoads), Rick Brantley, Tyler James (of Escondido), Leticia Wolf (The Dead Deads), Tripper Ryder, and Seth Timbs. With possible surprises to boot...

Secondly, the yip yap:

Some of our favorite conversationalists will be joining us for a little post-election, pre-Christmas assessment of the coming Apocalypse. Kevin Murphy, Dave Harrison, Ben Sesar, Emily & Kevin Walters, and more.

Finally, cartoons:

Kevin Walters has graciously been duped into preserving the moment(s) in ink. That's right, we've got our very own courtroom artiste! Kevin only had one caveat, he will surrender these cartoons to any listener willing to make a donation to the Sierra Club or the ACLU. So, if you want to preserve the night in truly unique picture form, bring a receipt...

We are charging $5 to get into this thing. Why? Well, cause it takes a lot of time, energy, and even money to make stuff. Also, we need to get Tripper, Seth, and Rob some money for the weed they get us*.

This is gonna be a great night. And it'll be even better if you come out and participate.



*That's a joke.