EP 81

After a few weeks off, the grumpy couple you love to love is back. And less patient than ever! Dunkirk, Freddy travails, staging a house, Andy Harper, Canadian/Canadan, Godin bass, angry old ladies in L.A., and a few thoughts on the mental midget currently slobbering and slathering his way through the once respected Oval Office.

EP 50

Every Monday we put up a show with a Nashvillian of note. And on Thursday things like this happen:

Jace & Nicole discuss the terrible failures of Barack Obama, the fact that white men have got it all figured out, their pending trip to Cuba, RV trips across America, carrying your "hot mess" in a baggie, and what's up with Norwegian water.

Basically, it's an idiotic conversation between a guy with a head cold and the woman who loves him. Followed by a sincere love song written by head cold guy for stalwart woman.


EP 44

Jace teaches a music/writing class, Nicole warns us about Star Wars:Rogue One, medical marijuana gets a fist bump from the TN GOP, Sheryl Crow closes the bar down, and M.L. Rose (a local bar/eatery) gets drunk on nacho cheese. Tackling the important issues of the day... some other day.

If you'd like to make a donation to help out the innocent folks suffering in Syria, we'd like to recommend checking these folks out: HELPING HAND for Relief and Development

EP 40

Christmas Elves, that new car smell, fire on the mountain, and new mix of a new song... Jace & Nicole cover all the bases. Also, are we gonna make it to Cuba?

If you want some tips on how to help out our fellow Tennesseans in the East dealing with these horrific fires, heres a link to some suggested opportunities: Knoxville Sentinel

Also, be sure and come out to the Family Wash for our December 8th

Nashville Later Live Event!

EP 38

Happy Thanksgiving! Jace & Nicole are joined by Dan Cohen. Dan plays guitar for lots of folks. But he's likely best known to Nashville Later listeners as Jace's right hand man. Jace & Dan have been writing, recording, and touring together since 2008. One thing they haven't been doing together? Drinking. Dan is in recovery. He stops by the attic this week to discuss sobriety, gratitude, and the joys of room temp Coca-Cola.

Check out Dan's music. You'll hear some in the show: www.dancohenmusic.com 

Don't forget to catch up on past episodes at: www.nashvillelater.com